Law Offices of Justin H. King

 The Law Offices of Justin H. King - Personal Injury attorneys serving clients throughout Southern California and based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

The Website:

Justin reached out to our team while preparing for a transition that would put his expert services more at the the forefront of potential clients. He was moving from a firm and venturing out onto his own and was going to need a complete website build from the ground up. We worked with Justin from the start including strategic URL registration to a road map of content and website features he needed to convey his professional and experienced brand image. After just about 6 weeks we unveiled a 50+ plus page fully responsive and mobile friendly website. It included all his practice areas, professional bio page, a pre-loaded blog with industry specific and traffic driving articles and much more. Below you can see images from the final website build.

Local Listings Challenge

To have Just Document Preparation show dominantly in local search results.


Robust local listing profile build outs with photos, videos, posts, content & importantly a consistent focus on client reviews.


Top ranking local listing placement with easy to distinguish visual strengths across multiple locations.

Traffic Results

When taking over the optimization for Just Document Preparation, they were reporting less than 5 visitors a day to their website and the staff was taking about 10 calls a day. They were heavily relying on print and directory advertising which was slowly phasing itself out. After dedicated website optimization and detailed search engine optimization, Just Document Preparation reports well over 50+ phone calls a day and 1600+ consistent new visitors to their website monthly.

Blog Optimization Successes

Annette at Just Document Preparation had been blogging as she heard it was important to do for website traffic. What she didn't understand that every blog needs to be optimized to drive the traffic you want. After laying out a blogging strategy including relevant topics, the proper back-end optimization of a blog and a timeline to stay consistent our team working with Annette was able to get some quality articles in the top positions of Google. Best of all, these blog articles are now converting researchers/readers into customers.

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From the Owner:

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Annette Gomez
Owner at Just Document Preparation

The team at Legallistings was able to create a magnificent corporate website. We dominate the industry and average thousands of new visitors a month to our site. We have over 100 pages on page one of Google for all of our targeted services.